Club Service Committee

The Club Service Committee looks after the day to day running of the Club in the following areas:

  • Program. The organization of the weekly program of guest speakers.
  • Membership Development. The seeking and inviting of new members and retention of existing members.
  • Bulletin. Production and distribution of the weekly bulletin news letter.
  • Protection Officer. This role is to ensure that no adult or child is discriminated against within the Club.
  • Sergeant and Corporal. The responsibility of the Sergeant is to ensure the smooth and timely running of the weekly Club meeting.
  • Cashiers. Their responsibility is to collect the weekly meal money as well as greet the attendees.
  • Fellowship. Each week 2 members are nominated to meet and welcome all who are attending the meeting, with special emphasis on welcoming visitors.
  • Catering. The Catering Officer coordinates all aspects of catering, from the weekly meal to any catering projects undertaken.
  • On to Conference. This role is to promote attendance and assist with bookings for the Annual District Conference.
  • Club Historian. The Club records are kept up to date and are available for all to inspect and read. After 50 years of operation, there is a lot of interesting history available.
  • Interclub Visits. Our club visits about 3-4 different clubs through the year. These visits are organized by the responsible officer.
  • Attendance Officer. Keeping of the meeting attendee numbers and reporting to the District and Club monthly board meetings.
  • Public Relations. The marketing of the Club is a very important function of the Club as it is how others become interested in our projects and wish to become involved. We are always pleased to partner other organizations in projects for the betterment of the community whether local or international.

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