The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing it's appreciation for a substantial contribution to Rotary's humanitarian and educational programs. It is named for our founder, Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer who started Rotary International with three business associates in 1905.

The Rotary Club of Eaglehawk have recognised the following people with a Paul Harris Fellowship as a tribute to these people's lives that demonstrate a shared purpose with the objectives of the Rotary Foundation.


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Tom Rothacker
Jack Taylor
December 1978
June 1988
Gordon J McKern
June 1990
Leon Maxwell Scott
June 1991
Lindsay H Roberts
June 1993
John W Brook
June 1994
William R Parker
June 1994
John Haugh
June 1995
Ann Scott
May 1997
Joseph Cogo
June 1998
Bill M Slee
May 2000
Robert J Layton
June 2000
Ronald Moss
July 2001
Doug Poole (Kyneton) 
May 2002
Colin Hutchieson 
June 2002
Howard Osborne
July 2002
Peter Ludeman
June 2003
William J Orde
June 2003
Douglas Harrison
August 2003
David Dolman
June 2004
John Gurr 
June 2004
Vivienne Osborne
June 2006
Walter Lourie
June 2008
Alfred Thorpe
June 2008
June Layton
June 2009
Lola Miller
April 2010
Graeme Lock
June 2010
Rodney Hanson
September 2010
Leonie Adamson
June 2011
Colin Anderson
March 2012
Peter Cox
June 2012
John Jones
June 2012
Rita O'Brien
November 2012
David Richards
June 2013
Les Dingfelder
May 2014
Elizabeth Dingfelder
May 2014
Leon McGlashan
April 2015
Jacob (Jack) Millonig
May 2015
Charles Cunneen
June 2016
Ronald Payne
June 2018
Alison Bacon
April 2019
Heather Ridge
September 2019
Geoff Adcock
June 2020
Carolyn Robinson
June 2020
Trevor Lock
June 2021
John Pearce
June 2021
Michael Costello
June 2022
Debbie Payne
June 2023
Amanda Costello
June 2023