1971 -1972

President:  Ken Burch

Donna Rindfuss, from Kenmore N.Y., U.S.A., our first “incoming” Youth Exchange Student to the Club arrived and an informal gathering of host families was held to welcome her. A civic reception by the Borough of Eaglehawk was accorded her and she addressed the Club.
Rotarian John Brook was badly burned in an industrial accident.
The first Eaglehawk Rotary Club Golf Tournament was held at Neangar Park Golf Course. This was won by Bill Miller Jnr. Profit $224-00.
A talking machine was presented for the use of all blind people in Eaglehawk.
Equipment was donated to the Meals-on-Wheels Committee of Eaglehawk.
A buffet tea was held at BCV 8 and this was followed by a demonstration of a Colour Television.
A camp was held at Axedale for 37 children.
Barbara Ledger and Alan Tebb selected as Outgoing Exchange Students to visit South Africa and the U.S.A. respectively.
A meeting was held at the Prince Patrick to gain interest in the formation of a Rotaract Club.
Mandy Richards selected from 14 applicants as the Outgoing Exchange Student for 1973.
A combined meeting was held at Favaloro’s Café with the Hon. R. Hamer, MLA as guest speaker.
Doug Truscott was elected as the first President of the proposed Rotaract Club of Eaglehawk.


President:  Roy Parker

Mandy Richards, new Outgoing Exchange Student addressed the Club.
Rotaract Club of Eaglehawk Charter Night was held on 22nd September 1972. District Governor Winton Thorpe presented the new Charter.
Second Annual Golf Tournament was held in September.
A combined Meeting with Rotary Clubs of Kyneton and Castlemaine was held in November and a Christmas Party was held at Tom Llewellyn’s Hotel in December.
Mandy Richards left for Sukagawa, Japan (District 353) on 9th January 1973.
The Group Study Exchange Team from Maryland, U.S.A. visited Eaglehawk with two of their members, Jim Buchanan and Tom Ferguson being hosted by our Club.
Jodie Bannon from Seattle, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Shoreline, Washington, (District 503) arrived in Eaglehawk.
The District Conference was held in Warrnambool with 19 members attending.
In March a BBQ was held at Lake Eppalock.
A Farewell Party was held at Woodbury House for Bendigo District Rotarians attending the R.I. Convention at Lausanne, Switzland. Three Eaglehawk Rotarians and wives attended the Convention.



President:  Alan Bull

The Cub & Scout Camp named “Eaglehawk Rotary Scout Camp”
Six Asian Students attending B.I.T. were guests of the Club for ‘World Understanding Week’.
Annual Golf Tournament continued.
First ‘Progressive Dinner’ held.
Monster Billiard Tournament held to assist I.P.A.C. and Interact.
Sip, Sup & See Night held to view slides of R.I. Convention taken by attending members of R.C. of Eaglehawk.
The members of the Club decorated a ward at the Bendigo Psychiatric Hospital for Christmas.
Exchange Student Mandy Richards returned from Japan and addressed Club and Jodie Bannon returned to Seattle.
The Rotaract District Conference was held in Bendigo with Club Members assisting and the Eaglehawk Rotaract Club won major prizes at the Eaglehawk Dahlia & Arts Festival.
A Rotary Gun Shoot was held at the Bendigo Gun Club.
$160-00 donated to Eaglehawk Council towards supply of litter bins and seats.
Rotary Club of Eaglehawk & Rotaract Club of Eaglehawk held a combined Changeover Dinner.


President:  Bill Miller

Membership Subscription was $26-00 and Veronica Taylor selected as Outgoing Exchange Student to go to Japan.
A ‘Dahlia Dig’ was held at Cheltenham for prize tubers and brought back to sell on behalf of Dahlia & Arts Committee.
A Careers Night was held at Kangaroo Flat Technical School and also a Public Education night on the Metric System.
An essay competition on “The 4 Way Test” was held at Eaglehawk High School.
A Pergola constructed with Treated Pine Poles and Mesh was erected for Wisteria support at Canterbury Park.
A levy of 50 cents per meal for “Chickens for Bangladesh”.
Vin Walshe conducted a “Children’s Camp” at Axedale for 16 children.
A levy was struck to assist the Darwin Cyclone Appeal.
The 70th Anniversary of Rotary International was celebrated with P.D.G. Albert Hall. This was followed with Fellowship at the home of President Bill Miller & Lola,
Rotary Community Service Cards were issued with Council Rate Notices.
The Club sponsored International Cabaret Ball at the Eaglehawk Town Hall.


President:  Ray Jackson

Membership subscription was $31-00 and Meal Fee $2-80.
A Tour of the Whipstick and BBQ was held with Rotarian Jim Evans as the guide and John Brook and Bill Miller as Navigators.
In October, a ‘Clean-Up’ of the Bushland was held, the Annual Golf Tournament and Free Blood Pressure and Diabetes tests.
A Family Day & BBQ was held at Sandhurst Town and a Progressive Dinner was held at the homes of Hall, Jackson and Miller.
The Club received $545 from sale of tickets for the Official Opening of the Twin Cinemas in Bendigo.
A Christmas Night was held at Sandhurst Town.
Exchange Student Veronica Taylor returned home from Japan in January 1976 and Satomi Hasigawa returned to Japan in April.
The first “Pool” tournament was held in March.
The Club hosted the Swedish Group Study Team members at the homes of Rotarians Miller and Grenfell.
A tour of the Maiden Gully Winery was held – this was followed by a BBQ at Millers.
Work commenced on a Playground at the Psychiatric Centre


President:  Joe Miles

In July a Progressive Dinner was held and Bruce Ashman was selected as the next Outgoing Exchange Student
On 14th August the Club celebrated its 10th Anniversary with P.D.G. Wynton Thorpe as the Guest Speaker. 1500 Trout were released into Lake Neangar.
A tour of the Whipstick and BBQ was held in September with Bill Perry as the guide.
In October the Annual Golf Tournament was held. A fellowship Night was held at Kryall Castle. A working Bee was held to start the construction of the Sound Shell in Canterbury Park and a Hamburger Stall at the Bendigo Show realised a profit of $900.
A Picnic was held at Roy Parkers farm at Eppalock in November and Heart & Diabetes test were again conducted.
In December $500 was donated to the Eaglehawk Senior Citizens Club to purchase a piano and in February a family picnic was held at the White Hills Gardens.
In March the Club assisted the Rotary Club of Rochester to host the District “Moomba” Conference at the Dallas Brooks Hall Melbourne.
In April a Bushland Clean-up was conducted and a Progressive Dinner held.
Alison Mills was selected as the next Outgoing Exchange Student and Marco Noble arrived from the Philippines.


President:  Jim Evans

Annual Subscription was $35-00
A tour of “B.J. Lodge” was held in August and in September a Tour of the Wattle Gully Mine.
On 28th September 1977 the Club changed its meeting venue to the Eaglehawk Leisure Centre.
The Golf Day in October raised $766-53 profit and the Stall at the Bendigo Show raised $822-00.
In December a Book Fair was held in the Town Hall and the Christmas Night was held at Sandhurst Town.
Alison Mills left for U.S.A. and Bruce Ashman returned home in January.
In February a Progressive Dinner was held and in March the Club had a Hamburger Stall at the Dahlia & Arts Festival as well as manning the gates.
In April the Club presented $1,000 to St. Laurence Court and had a combined meeting with other Service Clubs to hear PDG Frank Ruler speak on National Drug Awareness Programme. A trip to the Counter Disaster College at Macedon was shared with the Rotary Club of Kyneton.
Marco Noble returned to the Philippines in May and a Fibro Optic scope was presented to the Bendigo Hospital in June.


President:  John Gurr

Annual Subscription was $40-00
A Sun Tour Ball was held in August for 186 people and realised a profit of $827-00.
In September Mock Interviews were conducted at Eaglehawk High School and East Loddon Schools.
The Annual Golf Tournament was held in October and work started on the Lake Neangar project. The Hamburger Stall at the Bendigo Show was again conducted.
In November a Rotary Cup was presented to the Girl Guides and Trees planted and Tables erected at Lake Neangar.
The first Paul Harris Fellow to be presented by the Club was awarded to Rotarian Tom Rothacker on 20th December 1978. This presentation was made at the Christmas night at Sandhurst Town.
In January Exchange Student Alison Mills returned from U.S.A. and Kerri Paulsen left for South Africa.
In February Incoming Youth Exchange Student, Kelly Furneaux arrived from Canada. We also received a cheque for $1,150 from the Sun Tour.
The Club was awarded the Holmes Trophy at the District Conference and in April an Electric BBQ was installed at Lake Neangar. Also in April $364 was raised at the Hamburger Stall at the D & A Festival and $203 from a Stall at the Flea Market. The Council donated $750 to the Club for removal of old car bodies.


President:  Bill Slee

A Progressive Dinner at the home of Joe & Jean Miles and the Cal Hill School was held in August.
In September the Club carried out the catering for the Coloured Sheep Show and realised a profit of $98-00.
The Annual Golf Tournament was held in October with a profit of $1,076 and a Careers Night was held at White Hills Technical School. A 75th Anniversary of Rotary International Committee was formed with representation from the Bendigo Clubs. The Project was to build an ‘Illuminated Fountain’ at Lake Weeroona at an estimated cost of $13,344-00. Also in October a Fellowship Night was held at the Mill Restaurant, Malmsbury.
In November a Debate on Vocational Service was held with Eaglehawk Rotaract. Rotaract won the debate 71 to 70. A Businessmen’s Lunch was held in the Town Hall with the Hon D.J. Killen as Guest Speaker. A total of $811-37 was raised for 3H programme.
In January Kerri Paulsen returned home to Bendigo from Exchange in South Africa and Kelly Furneaux went back home to Canada. David Van der Spry arrived in Eaglehawk from South Africa and our Outgoing Student, Grant Sheldon left for U.S.A.
Rotary Club of Eaglehawk won the District “Granger” Attendance Trophy in February with an attendance of 92%. The “Illuminated Fountain” at Lake Weeroona was ‘turned on’ to mark the 75th Anniversary of Rotary International.
In May the Club hosted the R.Y.L.A. Seminar and the Rotary Rotaract Ball was held realising a profit of $560-00


President:  Ken Gullick

Rotarian Gordon McKern was elected Chairman of the Eaglehawk Dahlia & Arts Committee in July
In August a Progressive Dinner was held at the homes of Miles, Bulls, Millers & McKerns and a tour was held at Empire Rubber.
Catering was carried out at the Coloured Wool Show (profit $111) in September as well as a tour of the Whipstick.
In October the Annual Golf Tournament had a profit of $958-24 and the Hamburger Stall at the Bendigo Show a profit of $830-00. Painting of John Brooks Flats realised a profit of $1,100-00.
A Fellowship Weekend to Swan Hill by train was held in November with 72 people attending.
In December the Club assisted with the first Dahlia & Arts Christmas Carol Service and the Annual Christmas Party was again held at Sandhurst Town.
Rotarian Cr. Albert Roy, Mayor of Eaglehawk, presented Eaglehawks first Citizen of the Year Award to Lola Miller in January and a combined Bowls Night was held with the other Bendigo Rotary Clubs. Our Outgoing Exchange Student, Evan Costello left for South America.
In February a “Prospective Members” night was held with 13 guests in attendance.
The Club won a prize for its Float in the Dahlia & Arts Festival – the theme was “Working Wheels”. Another Hamburger Stall was held.
In May, Rotarian Bill Miller was elected to the Borough of Eaglehawk Council and 216 people attended the Rotary/Rotaract Ball that showed a profit of $1,085-35.